Contract Terms

Joymovel Unipessoal Lda, hereinafter called “Owner”, agrees with the Client, here and after called “Renter”, the rental of the chosen vehicle.


The Renter is aware and agrees:

  1. The Renter received the vehicle in perfect conditions for regular use, clean and identified. It is to be returned it after the Rental under the same conditions, taking into account the “regular use” standards. A 10€ cleaning fee will be applied in case of disproportionate cleaning. The same rate can be applied for the removing of each identifying element, such as stickers, etc.
  2. The vehicle will be only driven by the Renter. It is possible to have a second driver when communicated and authorized by the Owner. In this case, the second driver will be identified in the same conditions those of the Renter and will be jointly and severally liable.
  3. The minimum age of the driver is 21 years. Driving license valid in Portugal/Spain, according to the laws of National and International Law, category valid for the driving of the type of Motorcycle registered at the time of Rental and a minimum of 2 year of experience.
  4. Rent of the motorcycle can only be paid by means of current payment.
  5. All Motorcycle will be delivered with full fuel tanks. At the time of delivery the conditions will have to be the same, if not the owner will charge the missing fuel and an additional fee of 10€ refueling.
  6. All expenses arising from bad or irregular use, traffic offenses or others are Renter´s responsibility.
  7. It is not allowed to use the motorcycles under consideration is sports events
  8. The renter is responsible for any infraction (fines) that may occur during the rental period. Upon further notification, the owner will always identify the responsible driver at the time of the Ticket´s.
  9. The rental ends on the day and hour fixed by the renter, in agreement with the owner. In case of intended extended rental period, this should be immediately communicated to the owner in the fastest way. Such extension shall be subject to the availability of the owner. Unjustifiable delays shall be subject to the following fees: Delay in delivery of 1h => 50€; 2h => 50€ (referring to the 1st hour) plus 10€ (referring to the second hour) and so on, until the owner is informed and still depending on the availability of the fleet.
  10. A deposit of at least 2000€ (two thousand euros) is always required, in the event that there are no extraordinary expenses related to any damages, fuel or other damages resulting from or not from the Civil liability of the Renter.
  11. The Renter undertakes to protect the interests of the Owner and the Rental Insurance Company in the event of an Incident or Accident during the rental period in the following ways:
    a. Obtaining the identifications of the persons involved and of any witnesses;
    b. Do not plead guilty or have any responsibility. If this occurs, it is declared that it assumes all possible supervening liabilities to the 1st Grantor, under the terms of law;
    c. Not abandoning said vehicle without taking appropriate measures to protect and safeguard it
    d. All accidents must be immediately communicated to the Police Authorities
  12. All accidents, losses, thefts, damages or robberies must be immediately communicated to the police authorities and to the owner. All subsequent appropriate proceedings must be managed by the owner and renter.
  13. The renter undertakes to take care of the safety, storage or parking of the motorcycle in question under conditions of due diligence and appropriate to the moment, otherwise it will incur civil liability.
  14. All motorcycles are delivered with inter-part security systems, namely padlocks and/or alarms.
  15. The rental agreement is governed by Portuguese law. The parties agree to establish the Porto District Forum to resolve any emerging conflicts, with the express exclusion of any other.